Skull Skull!

The Official Game of Cobo errr Kobold Hall

Round 1

The party has entered the room and investigated the slime pit and the coffins.

They get about half way in when the monsters attack

Unfortunately they chose to ignore the stone and rope that the kobolds were using in their game of Skull Skull… Bagwa and Max are both damaged and knocked into the sludge pit by the Stone as the kobolds cackle with glee at their new game.

Round 2

The Doctor moves up to his fallen friends and dishes out a healing word to relieve some of the damage taken from being struck by the stone and the 6 foot fall into the pit.

Bagwa Manages to break free of the sludge and scrambles out of the pit.

Avette moves herself into position in the room.

Arjhan also positions him self and tosses in a rope to help the party members climb out of the pit.

Max uses the rope to move up out of the pit and to the double doors.

The Kobolds swing the rope again and slam Avette into the pit, dealing significant damage.

Round 3

The Doctor fires a lance of faith at the kobolds and misses.

Bagwa positions himself and fires a Scorching Burst at a group of Kobold killing one of the minions.

Avette fails her strength check and remains stuck fast in the pit.

Arjhan positions himself near the double doors.

Max Attempts to bash down the doors, they creak but do not give way.

The Kobolds swing the rope around the room to no effect, one fires a glue shot at The Doctor sticking him fast to the floor.

Round 4

Max succeeds in breaking down the door only to face down two guard drakes by himself.

The guard drakes both attack Max knocking him unconscious.

The Doctor breaks free of the glue that stuck him to the floor and moves into position to dish out some tasty heals Max’s way.

Bagwa Kills the hell out of two of the kobolds with his scorching burst after missing with a force orb.

Arjhan Moves to assist Avette who is still stuck in the slime pit.

Avette says “MMRMRPPPPHH” into the slime which roughly translates to “God Damnit I’m still stuck in this slime pit”

The other kobolds miss their attacks and start to consider running away.

Round 5

Max kills one of the guard drakes and is narrowly missed by the other.

Bagwa dispatches the remaining Kobold Slinger on the left side of the room.

Arjhan Moves up to assist Max in his fight.

The Doctor Dishes out some more delicious healing towards Avette

Avette finally breaks free from the pit, using Arjhan’s rope to pull herself out.

The Kobolds ready themselves for a final stand

Round 6

Max Destroys the remaining guard drake shortly after it is marked by Arjhan, leaving a single kobold slinger left in the room.

The Kobold Slinger sprints out of the room in terror.


The Party Takes the opportunity to search the room and finds nothing but skulls and slime.



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