The Tomb

The party enters The Tomb.

Round 1

Avette goes to investigate one of the four coffins in the room and a dart whizzes out from behind her and strikes her for minor damage.

Max sees where the dart came from and goes to bash the Suit of Armor that is holding the firing mechanism. He strikes it for moderate damage.

Bagwa launches an acid arrow at one of the rooms kobolds and scores a hit leaving the kobold wounded.

Dr. Boom Boom Pow struts into the room, darts whizzing overhead and strikes a kobold for massive damage.

Arjhan sprints around the room avoiding any darts along the way.

The kobolds try and position themselves in such a way that lures the players into more traps

Round 2

Avette strikes a kobold for serious damage, nearly killing it.

Max apparently loses interest in trying to disable the dart trap and runs at the nearest kobold, he is struck by a dart for minor damage, preempting his attack.

Bagwa Launches a spell at one of the kobolds, missing narrowly.

Dr. Boom Boom Pow uses his healing strike to severely weaken the kobold he previously attacked and confers healing to Max.

Arjhan pins a kobold in a corner and nearly kills him in a single blow intimidating him into giving up the locations of the Dart trap’s trigger stones in Draconic.

The Kobolds, Cornered, attempt to strike at the heroes. All three miss horribly.

Round 3

Avette lashes out at the nearest kobold, bringing it even closer to death.

Max does heavy damage ending the life of the second kobold with a devastating strike.

Bagwa attempts to fire a scorching burst at the last kobold and accidently sets Arjhan on fire.

Dr. Boom Boom Pow attacks the remaining kobold in front of him, killing it handily.

Arjhan Swings and misses the kobold that is cowering before him, he also fails to indimidate the kobold again. He then steps out of the way.

This string of failure inspires the kobold to take a swing at Arjhan, but he is too scared and misses.

Round 4

Avette Goes to the object in the corner of the room and discovers 60gp she also uses her religion skill to determine that the Altar was built for the Evil dragon god Tiamat.

Max rushes the remaining kobold and snuffs him out with his falchion.

The party then spends time trying to force the caskets open, the caskets are incredibly heavy stone and contain no valuables so the party moves on to the next room after resting up.



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